by Max Barry

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Region: The Democratic Republic

Board of Legal Counsel
America JB (Attorney General) - Timjoa (Director of Investigation) - Fifj (Minister of Defense)



The Discontent that The Democratic Commonwealth has for The Democratic Republic is very prevalent and in the wide open for most people to see. There are key witnesses who confirm that The Democratic Commonwealth is planning something in secret. This evidence shows the malicious extent The Democratic Commonwealth went to, to infiltrate and ultimately destroy The Democratic Republic. From Federalist Unions having a spy in the region, Sancho Panza. To Federalist Unions tempting the region founder, Capital AL, to overthrow the government. The threat from The Democratic Commonwealth should be taken seriously. The nation of Landinium, has also tried to turn our, then close ally, Aukumnia against The Democratic Republic by spreading false claims which almost worked. Landinium then tried to make Aukumnia an ally of The Democratic Commonwealth to accomplish the latter goal. The Department of Justice and the Department of Defense would like to jointly caution all citizens of The Democratic Republic from opening up to Federalist unions, Landinium and other TDC operatives because their intents are not aligned with yours. Their intents are deeply rooted in the belief that one day The Democratic Republic will finally be destroyed.

The Sancho Panza case as mentioned earlier just shows you the extent that Federalist Unions will go to. That nation, Sancho Panza was a successful spy for The Democratic Commonwealth. He was accepted into our community for months without a glace of Suspicion. He integrated into our parties, our community and our politics. This should never happen again and I hope this report fully informs the public of the extent that our adversaries will go to.

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