by Max Barry

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Region: The Democratic Republic

How can we elect a leader who claims to be independent or whose vision will be immediately biased when he comes to power? How can we believe a candidate who attacks his opponent by claiming that his ideas are being stolen when they have been stated many times before? Our values in the progressive party are only roadmaps that constitute our independence from the party while remaining faithful to it. Our governance has brought a significant increase in the regional population, and since the governance of Porto Verde we have encouraged the renewal of the political class. We rushed to reform our unorganized army, we protected and revalued the title of citizen. The progressives introduced the idea of rewarding the most deserving citizens in our region, we valued newcomers. The promotion of pragmatism, tolerance and trust has always been the struggle of life since my accession to this region and for those who came in this region and in Progressive Party.

Vote for trust and tolerance. Vote Celestials, vote Progressives Party.

Long live the Republic