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Region: The Democratic Republic

United Stowle Boxzines wrote:Start of Boxzinesian Space Program

After 1-2 weeks of studying Omnise's Horizon-1 space mission and reverse-engineering the rocket used on the mission, our first rocket is finally ready. The test flight will start tomorrow at 11:45pm CDT. This will be a huge accomplishment for our team at the Boxzinesian Space Agency as this will push us into the next era. The test flight mission would test the rocket's acceleration and thrust, and will see how quickly fuel can be used up in lift-off to determine how much fuel would be needed to reach space.

The test flight was completed with great success. The rocket managed to take off without incident and managed to achieve an altitude of 35,000 feet before running out of fuel, which we glided for some time to study how aerodynamics affect rockets while in the air. At about 10,000 ft, the rocket's parachute were deployed and landed in the water off the coast of Chile in one piece. The coast guard and air force have located the rocket and are towing it back to shore now.