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Region: The United Nations of the Atlantic


Statuusve wrote:I, Statuusve, call on the Assembly of Councilors to pass my resolution, titled the ”Freedom of Choice Act”, to remove the exclusion doctrine from the UNOA which bars radical parties from operating and running in elections.
This is an infringement on democracy in our region that cannot be allowed to stand.

I have been in touch with Prime Minister and Minister of Justice. We are discussing whether or not the presence of such a resolution in and of itself is a violation of the doctrine and therefore cannot be introduced. However, as a service, the Minister of Justice is also looking for ways in which this doctrine could be struck down through other means, if the Assembly were to wish to do so.

As Head of Council, I am not able to give my opinion on this issue.
I will notify all MAs once the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice have gotten back to me.