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Region: Lazarus

The copper states

Aigania wrote:Well that's a winning combination of villains. And every narration needs a good villain.

A void-coloured tornado has opened across the sky, raining down flaimg chunks of metal. Photos went viral with the tag #TheVortexIsOpen!

Fortnuately, no one was hurt. After the vortex finally closed, the metal was inspected, and found to have almost supernatural, physics-altering capabilities.

The next day, Charles Edgarwelt's (our lead scientist's) Social Media was spammed with more than 10,000 photos with chunks of the metal with the tag #CharlieWeFoundTheAmulet!

And ... here we go to the magic space rock. [Technically a wormhole mouth will look like an sphere showing the other side]

In case The copper states or anyone is interested I reminds me of a CYOA = Choose Your Own Adventure, brief and easy about humanity first developing FTL tech to add flavor to world building.

[Technically the thing with the Pyramid will be the first set of options of reversed-engineered alien tech. Personally I am split between the light speed slip stream (Star Trek) or the warp-touched psychics (Dune, Warhammer 40.000)][/quote]

I did the thing, but there don't seem to be any wrong choices? You just get a reward in every complication you pick. Do I not get it?