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Region: The Democratic Republic

The Democratic-Republican Party

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.''- Abraham Lincoln.

The Democratic-Republican party fights for regional growth, a capitalist economy, activity, and equality. We will work to make a brighter future for TDR. We will fight for our region until we take our rightful place as one of the greatest regions of Nation States. Our party has a large and friendly community of nations, and we would love to see you join! Check out the D-R Party Constitution. Remember to join our LinkDiscord server. This party is a member of The Right-leaning Coalition of Parties (TRCP).

I. Domestic Policy
  • The Democratic-Republican Party stands for making the Regional Government more efficient and responsive to the People. Making more public votes and holding more hearings.

  • The Democratic-Republican Party supports fighting corruption and greed in the Regional Government.

  • The Democratic-Republican Party supports and champions the checks and balances in the Constitution. The party also supports increasing the checks on the branches of Government.

  • The Democratic-Republican Party supports freeing up land on the regional map to make it more inclusive.

  • The Democratic-Republican Party supports fighting for new nations within The Democratic Republic. The Party further supports a strong recruitment effort of new members, as well as their integration into the region.

  • Seeks to empower those not within the Senate, and to do the utmost to represent their opinions, as well as to help guide the region towards a more sustainable future.

  • The Democratic-Republican Party believes in Conserving the core values of The Democratic Republic. Those values being evident in the Rights of Citizens. That every nation, resident or Citizen, deserves a right to free speech, expression and protest.

II. Foreign Policy
  • The Democratic-Republican Party supports setting up foreign relations and actively cooperating with foreign regions to advance our common goals.

  • The Democratic-Republican Party supports a strong regional WA military. Ready in a moments notice to defend The Democratic Republic and it's interests.

  • The Democratic-Republican Party is against mergers and unions with other foreign regions that do not match what this party supports.

  • The Democratic-Republican Party objects to foreign interference in our domestic regional politics.

Party Logo

Party in Regional Government

Legislative- 2/5 in Senate
Executive- N/A
Judicial- 2/3 seats

Party Leadership

Party President: America JB
Party Manager: Timjoa
Party Spokesman: United Trev
Party Strategist: OoferGangz Cutroajan
Party Recruiter: Capital AL

Party Members

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