by Max Barry

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Region: The Democratic Republic

Coastal republican states

The Coastal Republican States is now at a state of war with FifJ

Troops under the control of FifJ swarmed over the borders of Sierra Leone, over 950,000 troops along with a massive naval fleet have encroached on the sovereign territory.

In response to this, the C.R.S and itís FifJ embassy detache has handed out an official declaration of war.

QR-80C2 Quick Response Bombers, which have been in constant patrol since the Libya Crisis have been ordered to orchestrate attacks on military targets from high altitude. Each bomber has 20,000 pounds of bombs, or two cruise missiles.

The bombers have been ordered to fly at high altitude, to minimize the attempt of FifJís SAMís or fighter aircraft being able to engage the bombers in time.

In response, the 1.2 million strong army groups west, center and east have been ordered to counter attack. Bridges in the way of the invading forces have been destroyed.


America JB, Kingdom of the celestials, and Sr gran columbia