by Max Barry

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Region: The Democratic Republic

Invasion of Suriname
Suriname is a beautiful country with azure blue shores and rich natural resources with lush forests, it's a paradise. In the past decades a huge corruption crisis evolved in the country, billions were stolen for personal interests of people. The current government led by Petro Salvini stated that they will finally end this crisis in the country. They failed. The inflation is record high, the unemployment hit 48%.
The military was disbanded, anarchy rules in the country. We must stop this. We will send our military to make safety and order is the country, we mustn't let Suriname be destroyed.
The 75% of the population lives in the northern part of the country, we are going to start the liberation there.
Our main forces from Guyana will cross the border at Skeldon. We will move along the costline until we reach the eastern border of the country. The navy will support us all the time with artillery and airstrikes if needed. The total number of solders sent is nearly 248 000 solders with 1123 tanks and 745 artillery and several hundreds of logistical vehicles. We are trying to preotect the rainforests of the nation. Suriname will be liberated and all of the criminals will be imprisoned as soon as possible. We don't expect much rebels, the invasion will be quick.