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Region: The Democratic Republic

Annexation Tunisia

Its almost a romantic story... The last nation to be turned is Tunisia, the home of Carthage the rival of Rome.
The Pater Noster knowing the power he had over the small nation immediately sent the ultimatum to the leader of Tunisia to surrender their independence or face the war machine of the SECP.
Assuming they thought it would be a bluff they asked for our military to come...
Needless to say the conflict was over quite shortly, but not in the brimstone and fire way as expected.
Instead a dagger found its way into the leadership of Tunisia, quite literally.
A covert operation force dealt with the leadership and quite quickly afterwards airstrikes destroyed several key locations afterwards including ports, military post, and majority of the love went to airports.
The civilian population was to be ensured that they where not in target areas and their casualties would result in stricter rules of engagement of airstrikes.
Tunisia was bombed for several hours until the Army was ready to push into the nation and by the time they did the resistance was minimal.
The final nail was struck the coffin was final, Tunisia surrender soon after.