by Max Barry

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Region: The North Pacific

West supple lund wrote:Expolosion rocks centre of Hydrogen City!

at 9:41 am Central Usonean Time (CUT) the city was just waking up and leaving for work on a nice and warm sunny day compared to the expected last snowfall for a while on Tuesday when an explosion rocked the ground of "The Quacked Square" an area shared between high ranking West supple lund-East Supple Lund companies.

The explosion immediately killed 17 with 8 more dying on their way to the hospital, with over 40 being injured by the blast and debris that is sent flying in all directions.

A terrorist group which calls itself "Jeremiah's Disciples" has claimed to orchestrated the attack, it's suspected that they are an Anti-TSC terrorist group with the goal of a more divided people.

OOC: Oh no...another terrorist organization!

IC: Solomon reads the daily paper in his office and sees the event that happened in West supple lund.

“Hm...perhaps they could be of assistance. We ‘terrorists’ need to stick together, eh? God, I hate using that word. It makes our people sound so demeaning.”

He calls his secretary, and tells her to send a message to Jeremiah’s Disciples.

“Tell them if they would like to make a deal...with the devil.