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Region: The North Pacific

The backwardest nation you know

West supple lund wrote:Expolosion rocks centre of Hydrogen City!

at 9:41 am Central Usonean Time (CUT) the city was just waking up and leaving for work on a nice and warm sunny day compared to the expected last snowfall for a while on Tuesday when an explosion rocked the ground of "The Quacked Square" an area shared between high ranking West supple lund-East Supple Lund companies.

The explosion immediately killed 17 with 8 more dying on their way to the hospital, with over 40 being injured by the blast and debris that is sent flying in all directions.

A terrorist group which calls itself "Jeremiah's Disciples" has claimed to orchestrated the attack, it's suspected that they are an Anti-TSC terrorist group with the goal of a more divided people.

Rest in peace