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Region: The North Pacific

New Trisone wrote:Attention: If you are tagged in this post, you have until Friday, April 26th to make an rp post pertaining to Strangereal. If you do not have a post uploaded by next Friday, your nation will be removed from the map. You can rejoin, but please try your best to stay active or let us know when you are on hiatus so you are not removed.

[nation]The Anarchist Far East[/naton]
[nation]The Russland kingdom[/naion]
[nation]Queen Yuno[/naton]
[nation]West Supple Lund[/natimon]
[nation]Stone Ira[/naton]
[nation]Hong Kong Empire[/naton]
[nation]New Chilokver[/ation]
[nation]Federation Terra Australis[nation]

Triek made a post earlier today

Hong Kong Empire wrote:Calm down. Much worse things happen. You'll be alright. After all, Pandoska had his land quartered and he regained it. You've lost like 1/3 of yours. You should be able to get your land back by October.

Albeit through genocide and conquest