by Max Barry

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Region: The Democratic Republic

Invasion Of Zimbabwe

In order to secure the last of South Africa, King Eli is now focusing his sights on annexing Zimbabwe, the last large independent country in South Africa.

Negotiations failed, and the leader of Zimbabwe expelled all Celestial diplomats from Zimbabwe and used his military to capture the Embassy and imprison all the staff working there, including the Celestial ambassador.

Enraged by this, King Eli ordered the military to position themselves on the border. The leader of Zimbabwe denied 2 ultimatums demanding the release of the Celestial personnell.

Following this, King Eli ordered the military to invade Zimbabwe.

The new 5th Marine regiment, 1st Marine regiment, 7th infantry division, 34th infantry division, 12th infantry division, 7th armored division and the 4th armored division crossed the border into Zimbabwe. The 2nd and 1st airborne division dropped in the south of the country, inorder to disrupt the Zimbabwean military. The 4th Air Wing bombed numerous military installations and industry.

The 5th Marines, 34th infantry, and 4th armored(army group A) broke thru Zimbabwean lines at the towns of Chirundu and Victoria falls, and began advancing into the country.

Meanwhile, the 1st Marines, 7th and 12th infantry and the 7th armored( Army group B) broke thru the main Zimbabwean line at The battle of Mutare, and pushed into the country.

Army group B pushed forward, brushing aside all resistance. They eventually met at the enemy at Masvingo. The 3rd Marine Company eventually broke thru the line on the 4th day of battle, allowing other Celestial troops to pour in and overrun the enemy. They start pushing towards the Zimbabwean capitol of Harare.

The 1st and 2nd airborne managed to secure the south of the country, even launching an attack on Bulayo, 2nd largest city in Zimbabwe. They were eventually pushed back and await assistance from Army Group A.

Army Group A managed to secure the north and west of the country, brushing aside the weak resistance that faced them. They pushed into and took Bulayo, with assistance from the 1st and 2nd Airborne.

Army Group B attacked Harare, and after a fierce 5 month battle, manage to wipe out the Zimbabwean military and take the city.

The Zimbabwean president surrendered the country to Celestial military forces, wanting to stop the death and violence. With his surrender, Zimbabwe is formally annexed into the Kingdom of the Celestials.