by Max Barry

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Region: Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

Update dispatch:

Hostages have been extracted by armed forces. Internal Security building has been cleared by commandos, with 12 hostiles killed and 3 incapacitated and captured. The operation cost the lives of 2 special operatives, with another lightly injured.

127 ISA, Capital Guards, and other government workers that were in the building when the attack started have been confirmed dead by medics. 45 more have been rushed to nearby hospitals in the Capital, most in critical condition.

Among the dead is the deputy head of Internal Security. The head of Internal Security is confirmed to have survived, and is currently undergoing emergency surgery.

Extensive damage has been inflicted by the anarchists on the building, and repairs will commence immediately after investigators gain all the information they can from the scene.

Before entering the operating room, the Head of Internal Security declared he would be personally interrogating the captured anarchists as soon as he is discharged.

DoE intelligence agencies will be working double to ensure no other plots are in the making against the nation.

For the time being, martial law is in effect as well as a week of mourning for the victims of this horrendous attack. State funerals will be held on the final day of mourning.

-DoE communications bureau