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The Roald Amundsen Ion Bomb

Caesium, along with Xenon-139, has been made into one bomb, known as the "Ion Exchange Bomb" in scientific circles, the "Group 1-18 Bomb of Periods 5 and 6" in official research and the "Prototype Dirty Bomb" in the military. Most people, however, call it the Caesium-Xenon Bomb or, less formally, the Ion Bomb (Oddly enough, that refers to all types of ion bomb such as the Potassium-Krypton Bomb, a cheaper type and the Sodium-Argon Bomb, known as the "Budget Version" due to its cheapness thanks to atom suckers, but then again, that's probably why we don't call a nuclear bomb the "Uranium Bomb". The only actual exception to this rule is the Hydrogen Bomb.). The first prototype has been tested near the South Pole, aptly named the Roald Amundsen Ion Bomb. The explosion was of an equivalent 9 megatons of TNT, creating large shockwaves within any Antarctic Base along with seismic and bomb detectors ringing near South Africa, Argentina and Australia.