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Region: Confederation of Corrupt Dictators


Civil Congress Update

Results of Civil Congress Motion #11

"#CC11 Motion to Recommend the Honourable Nation of Castelia" has officially been put into motion.


The record has been updated to reflect the passing of this motion.


This is Chairman Udutai Choban's second straight motion passed by a unanimous vote and his fourth straight honouring a Supreme Councilor's home nation. This all but seems to confirm that this is part of some grand strategy for the Civil Congress. After all, if he can gain the Supreme Council's support, he could then possibly go forward with some more controversial motions. What does he have planned in the second half of his first term as the Civil Congress Chairman? Will he attempt to gain some actual power within the region? Is there nothing that will stop Udutai Choban from getting his agenda fulfilled with the Civil Congress? Has be been fulfilling his initial campaign promises? One thing is for sure, the Civil Congress is eagerly awaiting to find out what Udutai has planned for the future...

Hail the Confederation!
Office of the Overseer