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Soviet socialist republic of cuba

Alzarikstan wrote:The Ministry of National Defense has ordered for Chinese soldiers to continue seeking to pack up all Chinese weaponry, equipment, etc. that the Chinese provided, including ballistic missiles. The Central Office of the Chairman has declared that if Cuba wishes to have open war with China with their aggressive attempts of intimidation, then the declaration of war will happen at the first shot from a Cuban gun at a Chinese soldier. The orders have been given and the PLA will follow suit per the wishes of the Chairman. The Chinese will not be leaving until all Chinese weaponry leaves with PLA personnel. That is the final and only warning that will be given to Cuba.

Given the fact that the only weaponry the Chinese were able to give the Cubans were ballistic missiles, General Díaz has ordered the Chinese to have all the missiles loaded and every Chinese soldier out of Cuba within 48 hours. Díaz also stated that the whole world now knows that when dealing with China it is only a matter of time before they request everything back that they had at one point gifted you. The credibility and reliability of the Chinese is now shown in its true colors.