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Region: Commonwealth of Liberty

Canovia wrote:THOMAS PORTER, Interviewer: ”From my understanding, drugs were a pastime?”

[ Shenia ]: ", not a lot of us do drugs around here. The majority, here, is quite religious and Ahura Mazda ain't really for the drug fun, if you get what I mean. But for many, it was a way to kill time and unemployment and all that jazz. I don't know really."

[ She'd get annoyed for a moment. ]

[ Shenia ]: "Look, they do drugs everywhere in Iran, and you don't seem to have people asking them or complain about it. Elsewhere, it's cool, it's normal to take them. But here, because we're poor! It's bad! It's suddenly bad. I'm not stupid you know. I know that they crackdown them here cause they're scared."

[ She'd cool down suddenly, as she turned the car again. ]

[ Shenia ]: "I'm sorry, Porter. I don't usually get like this! Ahaha!"