by Max Barry

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Region: Commonwealth of Liberty

Canovia wrote:THOMAS PORTER, Interviewer: ”That would be correct ma’am.”

| Dropping his cigarette on the dirt floor, he would put his foot on it to extinguish it. A man in his late twenties, he was rather described as a little too young for his type of work. Black hair, brown eyes and a typical RP accent, one would assume somewhere in one of London’s better off areas. He would approach the woman and the vehicle. |

THOMAS PORTER, Interviewer: ”Would you mind opening the boot?”

[ Shenia ]: "I'm sure you can open it yourself, Porter. I'll call you Porter. You can call me Shenia. Great! Now, put your stuff in and we can head off!"

[ She'd smirk, getting back into the car waiting for him. ]