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Region: Commonwealth of Liberty

Paseo wrote:| Zabol, Iran |

Zabol, unlike many other towns and cities in Iran, was one of the "unwanted" children, as those areas are referred to. Forgotten and placed into shadows. The world knew Iran from big stars like Tehran, Shiraz or Mashhad. Small towns were "cute and adorable", and coast cities were filled with tourists. But areas like Zabol, like the East of Iran, were and are a nightmare willing to be forgotten.

The city had little skyline of buildings in the distance, but right in front of the reporter, a car with an open roof would stop. Inside, a driver and woman wearing blue shorts, a blue blouse and sunglasses. Looking young and filled with energy, she'd jump out of the car and speak in semi-good English.

[ Shenia ] "You must be Mr Porter, correct?"

THOMAS PORTER, Interviewer: ”That would be correct ma’am.”

| Dropping his cigarette on the dirt floor, he would put his foot on it to extinguish it. A man in his late twenties, he was rather described as a little too young for his type of work. Black hair, brown eyes and a typical RP accent, one would assume somewhere in one of London’s better off areas. He would approach the woman and the vehicle. |

THOMAS PORTER, Interviewer: ”Would you mind opening the boot?”