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Greater Felter wrote:

Ī looks quite happy to see Yui, and smiles. Ī is about average height, has short hair and is wearing a blue shirt. “Ah! Yui! I have been waiting for you! We have a very nice venue waiting for you! It seems that word made it from one of employees to the public that Watashiwa no Hotashi was coming to Felter. It really has blown up over the last couple of days! We should discuss this in my office before someone catches the details for the concert!”

Yui enters the office, settling down in one of the chairs with a quiet sigh of exhaustion. Closing her eyes for a second, she looks slightly tired, drained even, from the flight. After that, she turns back to I, smiling wearily; "So... What is the venue like? is there any outstanding features the band can plan around?"