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Danish People's Party Presents New Policies as Support Base Grows
The DPP Chairman Kristian Ruhl presented a 10-point plan for Denmark as the party's new fundamental pillars in policymaking rather than the abstract concepts of anti-immigration and nativism the party is currently gripped into. The 10-point plan is based on the general concept of upholding, or to the extent to glorifying the pure Danish identity, "Eurodanish" as he termed. It was announced during their second convention in the Royal Arena in Copenhagen as part of their 14-day party tour around the realm where it has only reached its third day. Chairman Ruhl stated that the plan should not be seen as chronological but rather a "checklist" of progress where each of the completed points is a step closer to completing the ultimate objective which is achieving a Danish state that is founded by its own national identity preserved for hundreds of years and not by simple international recognition and conformity. The points are as follows:

    The Realm
  1. Rewrite the Constitutions of Greenland and the Faroe Islands and include them under the Danish Constitution as Interrealm Constitutions, basically imposing the dominance of the Union of the Realm over them.

  2. Rework function and purpose of the High Commissioners of Greenland and the Faroe Islands (also renaming it as "Governor-General") instead of just being a mere legislative representative from Copenhagen. It will follow the system of viceroyalty as of the United Kingdom and her dominions.

    The Monarchy

  3. Elevate the status of the Danish monarchy from a constitutional and popular institution into a pillar institution.

  4. Reconstitute the coronation of the monarch as well as several ceremonial activities that were barred (Queen's Birthday Festival, Royal Wedding Festival).

  5. Expand the powers and functions of the Council of State (Denmark's Privy Council), giving them supervisory powers over the entire Danish state with the monarch.

    The Folketing

  6. Massive reorganization of the 16 Parliamentary Committees and the process of legislation.

    • Increased participation of Parliamentary Committees in the formation of any proposed legislation.

    • Introduction of new parliamentary offices

    • Introduction of the monarch's participation to legislation

    The Armed Forces

  7. Elevate the Royal Danish Armed Forces into a pillar institution together with the monarchy and the government, but retaining the intense supervision of the government over it.

    Foreign Affairs

  8. Negotiate an independent immigration system of incoming non-Europeans with the EU, therefore granting the power to control the entry of non-EU country passport holders to Denmark without jeopardizing the free entry of EU/Schengen country passport holders.

  9. Empower the Nordic Union by giving several powers with the purpose of mandating the unification of Scandinavia in policy-making.

  10. Establishment of Free Trade Blocks on all continents (with the exception with Europe due to the existence of the EU), brokering free trade deals as a whole continent.

The ambitious plans of the DPP gathered more public support than they predicted to be as they received positive feedback the moment they announced it live. Statements of support from right-wing/lenient-right groups poured in and labeled the DPP as the new torchbearer for Denmark. The whole month has their eyes on the right-wing party, as other political (leftist) parties are dead silent while they are enjoying the massive rallying of the people, indicating that a hard right-wing government is looming in Copenhagen's doorsteps which means a massive turn in the current liberal Danish political culture.

Government Coalition Relations gets Colder
The leadership of the Venstre party warned the DPP and the members of other government parties that are slowly backing their support to the DPP that they will not be willing to form a coalition government if the DPP will win the most seats in June. This is in response to the 10-point plan of the DPP announced yesterday in their convention in the Royal Arena which they see as "a complete step backward to Denmark during the 19th century". They denounce the party's plan to impose stricter immigration rules for non-EU citizens and reimposing the dominance of the monarchy and the armed forces as pillar institutions of the Danish state which they claim to be an effort towards an absolute monarchy truly a trip back to 1800s Denmark. Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen, as leader of the Venstre, expressed his party's concern during a dinner with journalists in Christiansborg Palace, calling the DPP to slow down their radical proposals and to avoid their arrogance despite the surge of supporters from the public.

    "It is understandable from an obvious point of view that the DPP is fueled to 'entertain' their supporters with such propositions -- those that don't really reflect the real ideas of the DPP as part of the government coalition. I hope that they reflect on it themselves in order to avoid further opposition from their own coalition. We are ready to take whatever action is required."

DPP Chairman Kristian Ruhl avoided giving a direct response to Prime Minister Lars's statement.

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