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Region: United Fascist Federation


Citizens of the UFF,

It is a great honor to be in this region. I find it very exciting to run and I hope that this region will grow into one of the most powerful ones out there. I am proud to announce our second three month plan, running from today until June 22. Please read it, leave suggestions, etc. it would be great if we could get RMB more active! Thanks.

The Federative Committee of the United Fascist Federation hereby establishes the second Three Month Plan, running from 22 March 2019 to 22 June 2019. This Three Month Plan shall outline the goals and tasks of the Federative Committee as well as the general populace of the United Fascist Federation. The Second Three Month Plan states:

By 22 June 2019, the United Fascist Federation shall have accomplished the following:
1. Have a regional populace of at least 50 members
2. Build a raiding force of at least 15 members
3. Occupy 5 regions
4. Gain independence from the CCD (maintaining positive relationships if at all possible)

Federative Committee of the United Fascist Federation

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Ut imperium!
Nobis mundemus

Andrew Campbell,
Chairman of the UFF