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Region: Iran

Qastan wrote:First of all, you're flying the flag of the Islamic Republic, and I'm flying the flag of Free Iran. So don't you DARE lecture me on Iran's best interests, boy.
President Iramerica, with regards to Duke here, I request permission to take out the trash.

Maggie, you're still the worst example of an imperialist of the latter half of the 20th Century, and I still feel personally insulted that you're even here, but I must say, I do agree with you on this one. As a British region, you SHOULD want to protect other British-themed regions. You should do everything in your power to stop other regions with Britishy names from getting dragged through the dirt. (In fact, you should be doing THAT instead of planting your Union Jack in Iran! But that's a different conversation...) I WISH Iran was in a position that we could help the secular and democratic interests of Middle-Eastern-themed regions here on Nationstates against imperialists and theocrats. But, unfortunately, because of people like Duke, we can't. :(

Action against Duke approved.
Regarding your comments on our British allies, they are here because I,Iramerica, the president of Iran, had a long negotiation with them. I asked them to come over and help us defend our democracy againts our enemies.
Helping other Middle East countries are not a priority for us, except for Israel and Oman. I respect your opinion and I grant freedom of speech for every single nation but all these comments are not the official statements of Iranian Government.

Ambassador margaret thatcher