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Region: Iran

Qastan wrote:Iramerica is president, and I will abide by his decisions. However, I want to state for the record that I think accepting British help is a HUGE MISTAKE. The British have NEVER had Iran's best interests at heart. They were even more responsible than the Americans for deposing Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, who we have made our icon and inspiration in this region. And Mossadegh wasn't even the first Iranian leader the British deposed. Indeed, by the time of Operation Ajax, they had turned interfering in our politics into a sport!

Of course I don't hold any contemporary British person responsible for the crimes of their ancestors. The modern UK is a country with many admirable qualities. (More than modern Iran, for sure!) But the NS region "Empire of Great Britain" uses SO MUCH iconography of Britain's criminal imperialist past, I believe to let them in here is the acme of naivete and foolishness.

Like I said at top, I will support our president's decisions. If ordered to stand by and do nothing while non-WA nations from Empire of Great Britain set up permanent residence in Iran, I will obey. However, let me just close by warning the British that Iranians can form a Republican Army too. And Teharan is a much, MUCH bigger place than Belfast...

And as a P.S., I just want to draw attention to the elephant in the room. The real bad guy here isn't any region based on the British or the Americans or the Russians or the Turks or the Israelis or the Chinese. The real bad guys are the roughly 26 parasitic squatter nations in this region who are doing nothing but keeping Iran open as a target for invaders.

And yes, I will call each and every one of them out by name here.

The - Kurgan
Fastest Man Alive
Imperial police
Scabby Pigeon
A Panda Tiger
Time Freeze
Fort calebs crusaders

If and when anything bad happens in Iran -- whether at the hands of the British Empire, the Black Hawks or somebody else entirely -- it will be entirely the fault of the above nations, because they're the ones preventing us from refounding.

Thank you.

Not all of us are raiders or defenders. Some squat here to make sure YOU good chappies have Iran's best interests at heart!
There are many trophy collectors in this game that just want to hang this prize in their collection and let it die.
For Instance, Empire of Great Britain is currently raiding and looking to refound Celtic Britain.
To say their is suspect imperialism at work would mean we need more high influence sleepers to maintain the detente, not fewer.
Persia Eternal!