by Max Barry

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Region: United Fascist Federation

New French Etat wrote:100 YEARS OF GIOVINEZZA!!
Viva il Fascismo!

A century of supreme admiration for Fascism let us remind with the utmost thankfulness to Il Duce for proclaiming, for the first time, the greatest principles of the national-revolutionary values that to this day keep offering to the peoples of the world the door to palingenesis, resurgence and moral revitalization to finally achieve the salvation of the nation, of the greater good, of authority and tradition, of true social justice...

A century ago, true patriotism and true socialism took shape in a movement that would finally bring the opportunity to rise up and fight against the evils of the world. The moral, political and social degeneracy brought by the demo-liberal capitalist order and the false and destructive "solutions" proposed by bolshevism couldn't stop the incessant willpower and determination to act of the Blackshirts. Roma o morte!

To all who say that Fascism has failed for losing the war, you couldn't be more wrong! Fascism it's not limited to losing the war since the possibility of losing is what makes our struggle rich in merit and dignity. Fascism keeps existing in mind, soul and nation. The struggle didn't finish in 1945, because Fascism is totalitarian. Our philosophy floods all aspects of the individual and the national life, and as such, it's impossible for our idea to get eradicated. Metapolitics in one word.

The reds, the skeptics, the traitors, maybe they could defeat our forces in a certain moment but they couldn't conquest our will, our mysticism, our Faith! We keep fighting and we shall keep fighting. The Fasces welcomes us again, to all our brethren and compatriots in its overflowing justice, power, authority and order.

Fascism 100 anni

Et cuncti qui fasces iungant liberare nos a malo mundo...

And all those who carry the fasces shall unite, liberating the world from that which we call evil...

Ut Imperium!

Andrew Campbell,
Chairman of the Federation