by Max Barry

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Region: The Leftist Assembly

Comrades! It is my pleasure to announce my Ministerial appointments for this, the 13th General Assembly.

Minister of Recruitment:

The Final Horseman

I'll be staying on as MoR this term. I will do my best to ensure that the region continues to grow.

Minister of Foreign Affairs:


Heck has served diligently and his work has always been in TLA's best interest, so he will continue to serve as MoFA.


On a separate note I'm sad to announce that a Vote of No Confidence has been called against Senator Great varia. The motion was endorsed by both Dawtania and Greylyn. A three day poll will be held for citizens to vote in the VoNC.

Cedoria, Nottinhaps, Llorens, South Miruva, and 8 othersHecknamistan, New Arkados, Grod Island, Argentigrad, Dawtania, Greylyn, Fevhader, and Enbya