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Region: The Crown Federation of Recon

Official Release from Camp Glassworth, RRAFEQTCOMHQ

Following the coup happening in Jordan Pitts, the Globe Marshal of RRAF Equatorial Unified Command, General Ernest J. Kaslen, flew directly to Pitts City to inquire about the situation and discuss steps to mediate the situation. The heavily guarded delegation included Major-General Elaine Mayer, formerly Commander of RRAF Saltbridge, who has recently been assigned as Commander, RRAF Jordan Pitts. She will be the key military liaison for all military operations of the RRAF in Jordan Pitts. Also with the delegation is Ms Leonie Tempest, Director-General of the Gustavic Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Equatorial Unified Command has already allocated for potential deployment:

the 22nd Mountain Infantry Division led by Major-General Teri Rodger
the 333rd Expeditionary Wing, led by Air Brigadier Tiffany Wahls
the 120th Helicopter Group, led by Air Colonel Lara Tischoff

The delegation is currently arranging to meet with the Pittsian Defence Minister and senior military figures, and potentially Emperor Jordan I himself, as General Kaslen delivers a letter from the Empress of Recon. The delegation also hopes to reach out to the communist leaders to better understand the situation.


Colonel Marty Taylor
Camp Glassworth