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Region: The North Pacific

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Morovian international affairs center

Hello, my name is John D. Rolper. I am an ambassador from the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators (the CCD) to the North Pacific.

I have been delegated this role by Brendan Mendara, of Castelia. It is an honor to serve as an ambassador between our two magnificent regions. I will work the best to facilitate the improvement of relations between the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators and The North Pacific. As such, I would request that all diplomatic processes go through me, except for higher-level services, such as treaties or alliances, though it may still be beneficial to go over these matters with myself.

Theoretically, you have received an ambassador to the CCD because a member of your government applied for an ambassador to improve relations here. This should clarify things for more concerned members of this region, who believe that you should not align yourselves with a region that does not exactly have the same political ideologies of yourself. However, I assure you, should relations improve, both regions will be mutually benefitted.

While this is not necessarily the most informative introduction, I do believe that many of my duties should have to do with the community here. While I do intend to work with your government, I believe trust within the community is the key to success, especially in a democratic region such as this one. If you do have any questions on Confederation policies, or what I intend to do while my ambassadorial services here continue, please either tag me within the RMB, or telegram this account (Or, alternatively, you can telegram my main nation, Morover). I will be on for an hour or so, hoping to answer any and all questions.

Thank you all for welcoming me to your wonderful region!

-John D. Rolper, Confederation Ambassador.
Hail Morover!
Hail the Confederation!