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Region: the South Pacific

Private spsf soldier wrote:Residents of TSP, take up ARMS!!!


Our enemies are invading the region of St Abbaddon, and the SPSF wants YOU to help our region win against our adversaries!

Why should I help?

First of all, because we must triumph against our foes.

Second, St Abbaddon is one of the oldest regions of this game. But our enemies want to raid and tarnish it. We must succeed in this struggle, and win for ourselves and for the people of the ancient region of St Abbaddon! Imagine if your region was under threat like that?

How do I help?

Excellent question! First of all:
- If you want to contribute, you must create a puppet nation.
- Go to your Settings (page=settings) if your puppet nation does not have an e-mail.
- After this, apply to the World Assembly (page=un) and wait for your e-mail to receive the confirmation link.
- After you have entered the WA, GO TO St Abbaddon AND ENDORSE Kitsco. DO NOT ENDORSE our enemy, The kramer.

See you there, all those who are truly courageous and brave to FIGHT!!!

Soooo ... I feel the need to point out that we have allies on both sides of this battle.

And, we shouldn't be calling some of them our "enemies" ...