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Region: Forest

Ruinenlust wrote:Dear Friends,

I am extremely pleased to announce that:

Rejectionville is our ambassador to the Bar on the corner of every region, and that
The southern cascadian states is our ambassador to Winterfell!

Thank you both so much for your interest. Go plant some trees or something, lol.

I also would just like to say that I'm very appreciative of the attention and interest that everyone is showing in the embassy thing. It would be great if we could finally do something about the embassy policy. I don't want to jump at the wrong course of action, but we've been occasionally trying to make some headway on refining our embassy policy for quite some time, and it would be a shame to sort of let the issue die...again. Until it rears its zombie head...again.

Ruinenlust, Foreign Affairs

Do I hear a call for a constitutional amendment?

Because I think I hear a call for a constitutional amendment to change our embassy closing policy voting threshold to 50+1.