by Max Barry

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Region: Forest

I voted for the option that restricts those who can vote to WA or influential nations, and I want to clarify I want it to only include World Assembly nations.

I know this is unpopular, but I think it's the most effective method. By having the requirements as such, it makes it so only those are very dedicated and have their main nation in Forest given the voice to vote, which it should. Puppets and whatnot can gain influence, which is why I'm against such. I personally believe that only World Assembly nations who endorse the delegate and have a certain minimum of endorsements should be able to vote.

To address some criticism: I know the immediate counter-arguments will be that 1) it restricts those who have puppets that are influential here the ability to vote, and 2) it restricts those who have unpopular views the ability to vote if a bloc of people decide to not endorse them. However, those can easily be rebutted. For concern one, why is that a bad thing? If you want to vote, move your WA nation here permanently, which would show your dedication to Forest, which is the whole reason for such a process. For criticism number two, I can't imagine such a system actually be effective. The number of WA endorsements to be a ton, just like ten or so, which can easily be achieved in our friendly region.

I'm opposed to any such attempts to institute an arbitrary influence number, like the hardcoded 2000. That takes a long time, and there are many younger players in the region who want a voice. I wouldn't be opposed, however, to a mentorship program, if instituted properly.