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Region: Forest

If the position is to be no change in embassy requirements, might I proffer an alternative suggestion that might help us give the embassies we do take on more meaning?

I know the topic of what use, exactly, we make of our embassies was already mentioned, as was the topic of the difficulty of finding ambassadors. I think both of these topics could be addressed with the development of a formal platform for our ambassadors. In the US at least, ambassadorships are frequently jobs given to political appointees, since their task is to promote the platform of the government as defined by the executive in power. It isn't simply people guessing what to say or pushing their personal opinions - there are guidelines for them. Upon taking office (not that you don't have a lot of other things to do already), it seems like it might be worthwhile for the FK, DFK, and EO to hash out the basics of a platform the ambassadors should represent on behalf of the region. Some sort of guideline of "hey, these are the things we feel are important - make sure to talk about these, and keep an eye on changes in your embassy nations that may cause concern in these categories."

That would definitely give us a solid cause for and use of our embassies, and would provide potential ambassadors with a bit of footing to feel like they're not going in blind. Some sort of centralized production of updates/bulletins to push to our allies, and a format to use for reports back from the field, would also help with the potentially-intimidating prospect of signing up, while simultaneously allowing decentralization of tasks like going and posting to 20 different allies on a regular basis.

For my part, I only moved here around 16 days ago. I would be more than happy to sign up as an ambassador, but despite how at home I feel here, my newness obviously calls in to question my ability to truly represent the region. Having a framework upon which to operate would strengthen my confidence that I could do the region justice and, hopefully, strengthen the confidence of our elders that a new resident like myself is properly representing the region.

I have an extensive background in bureaucratic report writing and form creation, so if those skills would be useful to the executive in producing templates or other necessary documents, please consider them at your service.