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Region: Forest

Sapnu puas wrote:As much as I could run for some role in Forest, I lack seriousness/motivation in what I could be doing. I want to say that it's like Elon Musk; in the basic sense that he is rich but also (arguably) funny/hip.

What would be the least important opening here at Forest?

Be an ambassador to one of our embassy regions.

Uan aa boa wrote:OK, I think both of the two previous Forest Keepers constitutes a pretty effective veto. With voter requirements not even being the leading option in the poll I'm not going to attempt to progress the idea.

I personally have no plans to pursue any embassy closures in the future. I don't feel I need the attendant debate on elitism/exclusivity/how-would-you-feel-if-that-was-Forest-in-the-future/did-we-do-enough-for-them, and I don't see the point if every new region that sends us a friendly telegram continues to get an embassy. I'd hoped to be able to spend less time on embassies rather than more.

There's clearly very little enthusiasm for regional officers vetting embassy applications as a way forward. As I've said, I'm sceptical about having new criteria for applicant regions, though it is the leading poll option. If somebody else wants to develop that into a workable proposal and put it forward then the floor is theirs.

In the absence of consensus, the default position appears to be no change.

I would like to put forward that no new embassy is opened until we have someone committed to being the ambassador to that region. If people want to vote yes to new embassies, then an effort should be put forth to justify the vote in the first place. If we as a region are not willing to put in the time and effort to cultivating this new relationship with the most basic of tasks of appointing an ambassador, then we have no business forming a new embassy in the first place.