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Region: the South Pacific

Tsrill wrote:Are those the dwarves from snowwhite?


You are welcome to join in!

Free superpowers courtesy of Auphelia!

Si-topia wrote:Oh, okay. Umm... Tinker and 8.

Tinker 8! Good choice!

You specialise in creating technology beyond the scope of what modern technology can do, with the caveat that your inventions must be related to geomechanics, be it pile drivers that can fit onto your forearms, a gun that can turn rocks into dust, or more!

Tsrill wrote:Always handy to have some backups in case of injuries

They probably had a recruiting drive.

Volaworand wrote:Tinker and 3

Tinker 3?

You have an enhanced sense of how infrared waves work, and are able to create technology that can harness them.