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There's still a couple of weeks left to enter the Forestian Autumnal Writing Contest.


Forestian Autumnal Writing Contest


Welcome! Forest is proud to announce its first writing contest! Judged by a panel of three Forestians, this writing contest will consist of two categories. Nations are free to enter one or both categories. There will be a winner, one runner up and up to three honorable mentions for each category.


The Categories

There are two categories: Prose and Poetry. Applicants may enter one or both categories - although obviously not with the same piece of writing!

The Prompt

The prompt is:


It is up to the writer to interpret this however they wish.

Entering the Contest

Entries can be TG'd to any of the judges. Simply state whether it is an entry for Prose or Poetry.

Entries will open on Monday 22nd October and close on Thursday 22nd November. There will be a two week period set aside for judging, with the winners announced on Friday 7th December.

Embassy Regions

This contest is open to all Forestians and any nations residing in regions that Forest maintains an embassy with.



Entries will be judged on the following criteria: construction of the text, interesting interpretations of the prompt and finally engaging ideas.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar will not officially be judged; however it will be taken into account when looking at the other criteria. If your submission is particularly full of errors to the point it makes the text indecipherable or hard to follow, your submission will likely not score as highly and may be rejected.

The Judges

The panel will consist of Caracasus, The New Bluestocking Homeland and Zwangzug - all experienced issue authors and editors.

As an aside, the kind of skills needed to succeed in this competition are rather similar to the skills needed to write good issues. If you find that you enjoy the submission process, consider checking out the Got Issues? forum!

A Reminder

NationStates, as a website, does have certain rules surrounding offensive material. From the Moderation sticky:

Offensive Material: As mentioned previously, we use the US movie rating "PG-13" standard. Mild swearing may be tolerated, mild sexuality may be hinted, but explicit or excessive versions of either or both will result in moderation intervention.

Bear in mind this would cover material sent via Telegrams too.

Good luck and Happy Writing!

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Break out your creative hats and typewriters and get submitting!