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Linguiniland wrote:It's "blatantly obvious" to you that you were joking.

Because the "...porque no te gusta yo" (because you don't like me) is part of the statement, it quite simply would make no sense and would be extremely false if it were out of character. I'm never serious about RP. I've never been. I don't think anybody here has, really.

Linguiniland wrote:It's also "blatantly obvious" that I just asked that you refrain from calling people names on the RMB and why I felt that way.

First of all, you clearly don't even know what you're saying. I'm not calling her a name, I'm giving a joke description. If you think I'm legitimately insulting her, then you're basically not even paying attention to anything that happens on the RMB yet then try to make people think you do, which is just like writing an essay about a book you didn't read, something which is a terrible and rather pointless idea.

Linguiniland wrote:It's also "blatantly obvious" that you are taking my request rather personal...

Once again, you seemingly aren't paying much attention to what others are actually saying. If you think I actually take anything on NS personally, then you're wrong. Why do you think I'm here? Just so I can cry in the god damn corner? No.

Linguiniland wrote:...and hide behind the "I'm joking" line. It's a cheap move and I will call people out for it when I see it.

You've done the exact same thing before, which makes you absolutely nothing but a hypocrite.