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Region: the South Pacific

Hey alló itís your new Minister of Foreign Affairs here! ^_^

Are you interested in learning more about the wide world of NationStates? Learning about how diplomacy really works around here? Working with our interregional friends and getting to know them better? Then please join us in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs! ^_^ (And even if you didn't fall for the catchy headline, please check us out too! :P) We have tons of opportunities for committees to join and take part in real regional decisionmaking (even if you're not a legislator - but if you are, even better!) There's some new stuff going on, so even if you haven't been involved in the past or think FA isn't your thing, just come and say hi :P Here's the discord server from which we operate:

Also, Iím planning to get all you RMBers a bit more involved in our embassy process. Iím planning to set up some polls eventually on embassies we want to keep or close, but for now take a look at the current list of our in-game embassies (right under the WFE) and tell me what you think about Ďem.