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Region: the South Pacific

Yansu wrote:Welcome all to another great day in the Benzillia Underground Gladiatorial Tournament, BUGT for short. Joining me is my adopted son Eight and my son-in-law Atsushi Ren AKA Goon 902.
Eight: That's right, and we have a special combatant here today, can you inform us about who it is, father?
Of course. His name is The Solar System Scope, TSSS for short, and he will be revived after every fight.
902: Well, lets see what his first opponent will be… *Pulls a lever and starts a random number generator* And a…4. That means another Combatant. *Great roar from the crowd*
Eight: Well let us see who's fight him… *Another random number generator starts* Number…12. Which means…Garou Absura, a Kangaroo Beastan.
*Gates open and a Kangaroo like person comes out with a gigantic battleaxe*

Hi, Mr Absura! *waves gleefully*