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Region: Selene

Tsunami Warning: This is being broadcasted at the request of the Franconian Government. Please standby.... This is being broadcasted by the Franconian Seismic Activity Center in San Juarez. Please standby.... Strong tremors have been felt all across the southern part of the Franconia Empire. A magnitude of 6.9 has occurred in the middle of the Gulf of Yuppa, and was felt in Yuppa, Zindua, West Vinnamat, and Yukomonoka. A **TSUNAMI WARNING** has been issued for the 300 mile stretch of coast highlighted in red. Head north immediately.
Save yourselves. A **TSUNAMI WARNING** has been issued for Granger, Yuppa, Zindua, West Vennamat, Yukomonoka, Centinvill, Hibon, Yobon, and Sendrikville. Head north immediately