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Region: Selene

Tropical Update: Hurricane Louise now poses no threat to the Franconia Empire. It broke up in Manál and is now traveling north.

Election Update: The universal healthcare choice was an amazing thing to happen the the FE. New approval ratings are now in and it shows that Xemptoworth has a very grand chance of taking the office again. Jim Fontain is not catching up after this happened at one of his rallies...

Fontain: "Universal healthcare was the greatest thing to happen." I say no. It is not because Xemptoworth is doing nothing to help West Franconia rebuild. I was the one to step forward and tell her what to do! She is not well suited to be Empress or leader of the nation. Xemptoworth is poison to this great nation and we need to take her out. This defeat will be bloody, but we will win...

The Government is commenting on this from Cheeper... "140 characters is not enough to describe what Fontain said. He might be eliminated because that is banter and sounds very sick."

Purge Update: 23 days until the blue magnolias hit the ground and bloodshed hits the FE. Purge day is among us. Stock up on all neccessary supplies and start setting security measures. Your government appreciate your part in the National Purge.