by Max Barry

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Region: Svyat

Hi all,

As the 1/2 year anniversary of Svyat looms large, it is clear that the region is slowly dissolving into dust and nothingness. The legacy of Menori has indeed faded, and an era of new events, history and rich story has flooded in. The windswept peaks of Tetrian, vast forests of Halewerus, island paradises of Krelemnistan, frozen waters of Antarctostan, calm beaches of Saldara, open plains of Military emmeria and many archipelagos of Pelecanus are, albeit slower than they should be, transforming into a vast world. A detailed series of maps, and several major events have occurred, the region has two cozy newsstands, one a product of region-generated legislation about weather monitoring, the other a rich repository of papers from around Svyat.

Only four of the seven founding states present on the flag remain in the region, with Azgar, Tastant and Constanlia leaving us. Welcome new additions Halewerus and Antarctostan now members of several months have taken their place, building the fabric of the region.

Unfortunately, participation in region events is at an all time low as are our physical region numbers. Recruitment telegrams have been sent in the thousand with the gracious and much needed aid of Tetrian, but we still falter, losing members and slowly fading into obscurity.

Why all this grandeur and filibustering?

It's simple, the time I put into this region is becoming unsustainable for the results. Regions such as Aeia flourish, and while regrettably I have evidently failed to provide a similarly fantastic environment, I've tried beyond hard to accomplish it. I of course understand region building is a matter of time, and riding the rollercoaster, but a four-month decline, and the sad reality of only having three regularly posting states is unfortunate. This is of course not intended to imply anyone but myself is at fault, Emmeria has life issues to deal with, which are always a priority over Nationstates. Some are in the region as purely NS-issues players, which is also fine, but the grim truth is that in any given week, usually only three states involve deeply in the affairs of Svyat. A decline from the days of five or even six posting states, only 1/4 of the region is actually involved in the bread-and-butter, whereas I expect 1/3 or even 1/2, or maybe just more than three states. This isn't to say anyone is unwelcome, but is more a reflection of my failure to successfully manage embassies and relations to garner more members from other active regions like ours, and for this I am sorry.

Consequently, as the next election cycle for our non-function government that hasn't passed legislation in months approaches, I am seriously considering closing the doors of Svyat. Hours of many people's lives and passion has been poured into the mold that is Svyat, but it is evident I have made the mold poorly, and the solidarity and function of the region is slipping into nothingness.

This is a final plea. To all from other regions, to all from Svyat, to anyone passing by:

Have a look around the place, dust off some of the cobwebs. Telegram me and ask questions, create a second state of NationStates and join in rebuilding our region. Get friends involved to build a better foundation for our region. To Svyat members, post if you can, if you can't that's fine. Tell people you know, and in time we may flourish, but otherwise there is no point in trying to grow a plant that has died.

Yours most sincerely,


Ex-Delegate of Menori,
Founder and Delegate of Svyat.