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Region: the South Pacific

Yansu wrote:I know, as I said, their lives, not mine. Heck, if it was me I'd wallow in self deprecation and depression fighting against violent tendencies take the hint and drop it.

The actual problem is that if they keep doing this, it creates a level of being vague that is way beyond me when I'm literally trying to be as vague as possible.

The Solar System Scope wrote:Oh look, NHC is being salty again. What are we gonna doooooooo
C'mon, don't be such a mood-killer. If you want to know how to properly enter an RP, please observe all-star players such as Auphelia, Midand, and Linguiniland.

You're ignoring the point that you use roleplay to express statements outside of RP. If you want to say something, then don't make it some stupid RP thing, actually say what you want to say. It creates much less confusion and actually gets the point across. As far as I'm aware, Auphelia and Midand even did this correctly, meaning you're not even remotely thinking about what you're posting and proving my point.