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Region: the South Pacific

Finally decided to get into RP'ing again.
*waves for Volaworand*


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Special: Volaworand Returns!

Written by Cindy Drexon

The Ethical Good TSP LC Penguin of Volaworand was a longtime ally, partner, trading partner, and economic partner of Midand and many other nations, including Aumeltopia. They had cooperated together in many different occasions and situations and their alliance had become well known on the international stage.
Many months earlier, Volaworand's foreign affairs ministry and press had completely shut it itself down without warning. Midand had attempted to contact them though it seemed their nation had disappeared off the if it ceased to exist.
Midand had then cut off all relations due to the government's inactivity and radio silence.
Weeks later, communications and outreach missions resurfaced, and Volaworand reemerged from the shadows, proclaiming it's return. Midand and Leader Mendeons warmly welcomed the nation back to the world stage and helped it get back on it's feet and into the World Assembly.
However, the long standing human rights records in Volaworand had plummeted, PM Hovland seemed to be acting "odd", and some national expenditures, including a statue in Rothera, seemed to be unnecessary and out of character for the nation.
Midand's government has also expressed disappointment for it's nonexistent efforts to close the last of the Midandian internment camps.
Some political scientists and officials have described the current Midandian-Volaworandian relations as "wonky" and hope that the situation will improve.
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The Solar System Scope, Si-topia, and Erithaca in the south pacific