by Max Barry

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Region: the South Pacific

Erithaca in the south pacific

Eri's Guide to Catching A Fish

second edition

Author: Erithaca in the south pacific
Editor: Auphelia

1. Find lake
2. Find fish
3. Jump in lake
4. Wrestle fish
5. Grab hold of fish
6. Carry fish
7. Take fish out of lake
8. Find stone
9. Put fish on ground
10. Hit fish with stone many times
11. Get sticks
12. Get leaves
13. Rub sticks together very hard
14. Wait until smoke comes from sticks
15. Put leaves in pile
16. Put smokey sticks on leaves
17. Wait until leaves are on fire
18. Put sticks around leaves
19. Put sticks on top of leaves
20. Wait until sticks are on fire
21. Check fish is dead
22. Put fish on long stick
23. Hold fish with long stick above fire sticks
24. Blow on fire if it stops being firey
25. Hold fish until it is brown on both sides
26. Eat fish