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Goverwal wrote:And then 1st is 4-5?
So 2nd is 5-6?
3rd = 6-7
4th = 7-8
5th = 8-9
6th = 9-10
7th = 10-11
8th = 11-12
9th(Freshman?) = 12-13
10th(Sophmore?) = 13-14
11th(Jr.?) = 14-15
12th(Sr.?) = 15-16
Is that right?
Also, you go to University at 17?! Or is there another level in between?

If you're really good at school, you can opt for an accelerated learning course that compresses three years' worth of learning into two years. It's not as much skipping a grade as it is splitting one year into half then delegating each half to the adjacent year in addition to what was already taught during each adjacent year.