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Region: Texas

***** State of The Region Address *****

August 5, 2018

Greetings Citizens of Texas!

It is our great pleasure to announce that the nomination process is over for the Second Trimester 2018 Texas Elections. The following is the slate for the new Government of Texas. This week will be a time for candidates to campaign, debate and make speeches on the offsite forum. Next Sunday we will begin the elections. Join all the fun on the offsite forum at:

Election Notes are in that forum as well.

We have a bit of a more tame round of-of Elections this time around with only one Cabinet position being contested. In the Department of State race, which ended in a tie last Trimester, one of the incumbents has not been nominated, nor has she thrown in her own hat. Trecdom is not off scot-free though, he will still have to face the inimitable No Confidence. Texas Ambassador Safj is going to attempt to upset incumbent Seeker Alpha in the World Assembly Affairs race. Incumbent Indian Empire is uncontested in the position of Secretary of Defense. Lt. Gov. Hiram, unlike the last Election, also faces no competition this term. There will probably be no bold moves in this Trimester. All candidates need to remember, there is RL work involved in these positions versus RP work, of which there is some of that too. These are not cushy jobs; just ask any of them. As usual, all races will have the ever-pesky and dreaded No Confidence to run against.

Where the last race for the Texas Representative Council Election was low on incumbents, this one is high! We have all 5 returning to race as well as 3 former TRC members, all of which have served on the TRC multiple times in their time as a Texan. You know what all that means? Yes, there will be a couple of losers since there are 8 nations going for 5 positions. But, no one is ever a loser who has taken part in Texas Government and the election process. We like to think that all the incumbents are a tribute to the job that they are doing and have done in the past representing The Great Region of Texas! Kudos nominees! In these 55th Texas Elections, as in every election, a well-made speech or no-speech may decide the final 5. That is a serious tip for would-be TRC members. * wink * Texas, please join us in saluting all our nominees for Texas Government!

Congratulations to all the Candidates!

Governor (non-elected)
The Big Tex Happy Taco Stands of NewTexas

Lieutenant Governor
The Gigantic Frozen Igloo of Studly Penguins

Secretary of Defense
The James Holzhauer of Indian Empire

Secretary of State
The Randomness of Trecdom2

Secretary of WA Affairs
The Progressive Union of Seeker Alpha
The Serene Compassionate Utopia of Safj

Texas Representative Council (5 to be elected)
The Barnes-Free Conglomerate of Ewing Oil Co
The Galactic Empire of Gig em Aggies
The Concordium of Independent Planets
The Oppressed Peoples of Issues Test Bed
The Call for the Dead of Richard I
The Serene Compassionate Utopia of Safj
The Kingdom of Shemiki
The Southeast Texan Republic of United States of Woodward

Let the Speeches and Campaigns begin!

Long Live The Great Region of Texas!

Big Tex
Governor of Texas