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***** Texas Saturday Breakfast *****

Whoop, whoop! Saturday breakfast time! Today will be Breakfast Quesadillas Saturday! We are whipping up some of our award-winning breakfast quesadillas for Texas this weekend! We will start it off with The Basic - just plain ol' cheddar cheese, grated, placed in a small flour tortilla and toasted up in a lightly greased skillet until golden and crispy on the outside. Perfect in its simplicity. Want a little spiciness to your Quesadilla, we have you covered with the Mexican Especial Quesadilla - a regular corn tortilla loaded with a blend of Mexican cheeses - Oaxaca, Monterey Jack, Mild Cheddar and Asadero imported from Sinaloa - topped with diced pickled jalapeños and diced raw onions then folded and fried up in a little Manteca. Arriba! We cannot leave out our friends from Canada, so get you the Canadian Quesadilla made with Canada's finest, and favorite cheese, Cheddar grated up over half a large flour tortilla topped with two slices of lightly-browned Canadian Bacon and topped with gently-scrambled eggs, folded and crisped up in butter. Good eats, eh? Quesadillas are all about the cheese and we will present you with a Belgian surprise, The Camembert Quesadilla! The star of this beauty is a triple cream Camembert cheese with the rind removed, and sliced thinly and placed on a flour tortilla, topped with caramelized sweet onions and lightly browned in a touch of sunflower oil. Oo-la-la! Uno mas! Our final offering will be a simple Pepper Jack Cheese Quesadilla made with a mild Monterey Jack cheese infused with jalapeño and serrano peppers, shredded and tossed lightly with Texas Grade A scrambled eggs and cooked, crumbled chorizo and then placed in a large flour tortilla (made fresh daily by a small cadre of NewTexan Abuelitas working all night for you) and toasted up to a beautiful golden brown and sliced into wedges. That one is the best since the cheese just glues everything together into one oozy-gooey-eggy-spicy mess that tastes oh so good! We have plenty of other cheeses on hand as well as plenty of more ingredients. Feel free to create your own, our waiters are ready to take your order for the Quesadilla of your dreams! Get creative! We will open The Juice Bar is with all the standard juices - Orange, Apple, Grapefruit, and Tomato. The funky one today is the Pommegranite Persimmon Cinnamon Slushy. Try "The Suicide" - we dare you! Start your day off the right way, munch out and go back to sleep. Of course, The Never Ending Urn of Coffee is full and ready to help you wash it all down. Texas coffee doesn't get much better. Enjoy Texas! You know you want to!®

***** Texas Election Reminder *****

In Texas Election News, Second 2018 Texas Elections Nominations Week is winding down. Speech & Campaign Week starts Sunday, August 5th High Noon Texas Time (GMT -6). So you only have about 1¼ days if you have any Texans to nominate for the Texas Government Cabinet and Texas Representative Council positions. We have a good slate of candidates, but you can never be too light on nominations. So, get out there and nominate your friend, your neighbor or even your enemy!

Almost all Cabinet nominees have accepted their nominations. And, almost none of the TRC nominees have. This is a rapidly changing landscape. Safj, Trecdom2, Seeker Alpha, Shemiki, Issues Test Bed, Richard I, Gig em Aggies, Ewing Oil Co and Independent Planets should check the Election forum if they would like to be on the ballot.

If you would like to make some Constitutional Amendments or Repeals to offer and or would like to propose new Articles, then you have until Sunday, August 12, 2018! Or, if you just have questions about how this works, there is a link to the forum at the top of this page! Just to be clear:

Just to be clear Texas Elections are here:

Threads are up and ready! Let's go Texas!

***** Texas Chat Reminder *****

The Texas Weekly Chat Session will be Saturday (TODAY) at High Noon Texas Time (CDT) ***Saturday***. And, if you can't be there right at Noon, that is Ok, Texas Chat usually runs 3, 4, 5 hours with some Chats running as high as 7 or 8 hours.

The Texas Chat Site is here:

Please register with your nation name. This is a great opportunity for nations old and new to Texas to find out what is going on! We chat, we debate, we talk about the weather, we talk about stuff we like, stuff we hate, random stuff and more stuff. But, it is never stuffy. Usually, it is about meeting your fellow Texans and talking about the latest and most interesting stuff in NationStates at the moment. But then again, sometimes NationStates does not even come up. It is wide-open chatting with peeps from around The World both IRL and NS. It is Texans, EuroTexans, WannabeTexans, ex-Texans, and plenty of Friends of Texans. We have it all and all are welcome. Texas Chat, 700 weeks and running! For the math-challenged, that is over 14 years! Check it out! Good stuff!