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Region: Texas

Gig em Aggies wrote:ITB, I think what NewTexas means is the usage of bodily fluids in a malicious manner obviously no prosecutor is going to file charges against a vehicular accident victim or a victim of a gun shot or any other emergency for getting blood or bodily fluids on Emergency services personnel.

The only thing worse than a bad law is a badly written law. Let us hope you are correct in your assessment.

Trecdom2 wrote:I've heard there are certain ways to pretty much guarantee you won't get picked for jury selection, but don't know specifics.

In my case it was easy. The judge is calling the roll, he reads my name, pauses, looks over his glasses at me and asks, "Are you the same _______ that writes for the newspaper?"

"Yes your honor," I replied.

"You're outta here," the jude said while motioning me toward the door.