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Region: the South Pacific

Orepheus wrote:I was speaking Greek to see how the TSP community responds to foreign language speakers. This is one of the starting regions, and many foreign players starting here will have little, if any knowledge of English. I think we need to be more tolerant towards foreign language speakers, plus google translate exists I find you don't understand the language. English isn't some superior language, if anything learning it if you don't speak it already is a huge challenge.

Lily Pad Nation wrote:

The reverse is also true, and considering this is an English forum, with English gameplay, and an English website, itís far more likely that the non-English speaker actually speaks English or is using a patchwork of background knowledge and various systems and sites.

While nationstates isnít inherently against foriegn languages, and I would love to live in a phontic utopia and frolic with the Romance languages, it would be a bit odd for me to go onto a Greek forum and expect them to accept me and my anglophonic ways.

Both of your points are good ones. To strike a balance between them, as I always do, we should simply ask players nicely in their native language (via Google Translate) to speak in English as much as they can.